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Government grants can save you thousands.

With the new financial year just starting, several federal and state governments have been updating their first home buyer incentives and grants.

Last week, 50,000 New Spots were Opened for Home Buyers. You can now access a mortgage with a smaller deposit under the three Home Guarantee Schemes:

  • First Home Guarantee

  • Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee

  • Family Home Guarantee


Meanwhile there has been changes to Stamp Duty and Increased Exemptions:

  • South Australia: Made headlines as the first state to completely abolish stamp duty for first home buyers.

  • Western Australia: Increased the stamp duty exemption to houses worth up to $450,000 (previously $430,000) and lifted the concession threshold from $530,000 to $600,000.

  • Queensland: Raised the threshold on transfer duty from $500,000 to $700,000, with reduced stamp duty for properties up to $800,000.

Overcome the Jargon and Leverage Government Assistance.

Many first home buyers are either unaware of the assistance available or unsure how to navigate the complex jargon. Did you know:

  • 42% of renters are working towards buying their first home.

  • The 25–34 age group is leading the charge at 68%.

  • Rising property costs: 63% of first-time buyers are willing to consider smaller homes in desirable areas, 46% are open to moving further from work or school, and 35% would sacrifice amenities like backyards and garages.

Etairos Finance: Your Partner in Home Ownership

We specialise in helping first-time buyers understand and benefit from government assistance schemes.

In today's challenging housing market, thinking creatively is essential. Explore various avenues like government schemes, low-deposit options, or pooling resources with friends and family.

Reach Out and Turn Your Home Ownership Dream into Reality

We urge you to contact Etairos Finance. We've been helping our customers for 26 years. Discuss these options and more. Let’s craft a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances and help you overcome barriers to home ownership.


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